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Purpose and History

The Village Club Foundation takes pride in promoting philanthropy in the form of grants that further educational, cultural, and human services in the Oakland, Wayne and Macomb tri-county area of Michigan. Grants to area organizations have totaled $3.7 million since the Foundation was established in 1983.

Purpose and History Content


The Village Club Foundation is the philanthropic arm of The Village Club, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. The foundation's purpose is to further educational, cultural and civic activities; to promote philanthropic projects; and to operate for the good of the community. We work to enrich other nonprofit organizations to make a difference in the lives of individuals, families, organizations and communities.

The mission of The Village Club Foundation is to offer financial support, in the form of grants, to qualified nonprofit organizations throughout Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties. Our grants focus on the interrelated aspects of community life, basic human needs and services, educational enhancement, and cultural enrichment. The Village Club Foundation files IRS Form 990 yearly; it is available upon request.


1956 - The Village Woman's Club was formed on May 2 exclusively for charitable and educational purposes, by sponsoring and initiating appropriate programs, encouraging participation by women of Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, Pontiac and adjoining communities and through direct contributions of money.

1961 - The clubhouse was purchased with tax deductible dollars. Classes were very popular, the bar and food services expanded, and The Village Woman's Club became a social club as well as one involved in social service work.

1968 - The Village Club was formed in June for recreational and social purposes, allowing The Village Woman's Club to retain its charitable function. The "social" club rented the clubhouse from the "charity".

1976 - The Village Club initiated a stock membership program, and the monies were used to purchase the present facilities from the charitable organization. At that time a land contract was entered into between the Clubs and the final payment was made in April 1982.

1983 - The Articles of Incorporation of The Village Woman's Club were restated and the name was changed to The Village Woman's Club Foundation. The monies from the sale
of the clubhouse became the nucleus for the fund of the foundation. The purpose of the organization remains very much like the original: to operate exclusively for charitable, scientific, literary or educational purposes, or for the prevention of cruelty to children or animals, and to give funds and property to eligible organizations. The foundation received a 501(c)(3) charitable designation under the rules of the IRS.

2010 - The name was officially changed to The Village Club Foundation.

The members of The Village Club Foundation are all the members who are active, silver life, nonresident or emeritus members of The Village Club, and any surviving spouse of a deceased Village Club member who may enjoy the social privileges of the Club.