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The Village Club offers abundant opportunities to create meaningful relationships, enrich your life with social events and educational experiences, and give back to the community.


The mission of The Village Club is to provide a unique private club experience and a gracious, friendly environment for it’s members while offering cultural, social and philanthropic opportunities, as well as casual and fine dining.


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In 1919

The Village Club's current clubhouse was originally a multi-level country home known as Robin Hood's Barn owned by the Winningham family.

In 1956

The Village Woman's Club was incorporated in May of 1956 as a charitable and educational organization. At this time, the Club rented space from the Martha Baldwin House in Birmingham.

In 1960

Robin Hood's Barn was sold. 

In 1961

The Village Woman's Club purchased the Winningham House. Renovations were made to allow space for dining, classes, programs and social events.

In 1983

The Village Woman's Club Foundation was established with the restating of The Village Woman's Club Articles of Incorporation.

In 2003

The Cottage was found to be in need of repairs, which were made possible by contributions from the members to a special fund called Gifts from the Heart.

In 2007

To address the expanding needs of the members, a major renovation was completed. It included the Wyatt Terrace for dining and entertaining. 

In 2007

The educational, philanthropic, and social principles upon which the Club was founded remain the focus of the Club today.

Membership Inquiry

Membership Inquiry

Join us in membership - you deserve it! Click here or call 248.644.3450 x223 to contact Kim Soncrainte to request more information.

Contact Us

Steve Pehrson

Steve Pehrson

Catering Director
248-644-3450 X233
[email protected]

Kim Soncrainte

Kim Soncrainte

Membership and Communications Administrator
248.644.3450 x223
[email protected]

Stan Pena

Stan Pena

General Manager
248.644.3450 x227
[email protected]

Guest Information

Guest Information


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The manner of dress shall be governed by good taste and in keeping with the character of the Club. Business casual attire and tasteful denim are appropriate. Jogging suits, cargo pants, and printed t-shirts are not acceptable. During the late spring, summer and early fall months, country club golf attire is permitted. Exceptions may be made for special occasions.

Credit Card Info

For your convenience, we accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit card payments. A 5% surcharge will be charged on all credit card transactions.

Cell Phones

All cell phones and other electronic devices must be in silent or vibrate mode while on Club property. Texting, emailing and reading are permitted in all areas of the Club provided such use does not impact the Club experience for others. Voice calls are not permitted in public areas of the Club.

Barrier Free Environment

If you need special assistance entering, exiting, or moving throughout the Club, please visit or call the Reception Desk at 248.644.3450.

Service Dogs

While pets are not allowed on Club property, service dogs are always welcome.